Rescue officer testifies at missing yacht trio’s trial in Florida Copyright by WFLA – All rights reserved (WFAA) [ + – ] Video

Rescue officer testifies at missing yacht trio’s trial in Florida Copyright by 우리카지노WFLA – All rights reserved (WFAA) [ + – ] Video

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Fla. (WSVN) – A woman was in court Tuesday saying her son lost his life years ago with his yacht because a neighbor had it sitting at the beach and refused to take it back.

Jennifer Walthall says her son had the yacht when it went missing in 2009, but the police were never told about the loss until 2010. Her story could go some way to solving the disappearance of her son, Brian Walthall, 26.

They say that after he was missing for five years, two men walked into her home with the yacht. One of them found it on a dirt road and took it. The other man took it after it was missing and threw it into a pond. His son was found in a cell with a gunshot wound to the head.

A yjarvees.comear later, they say, the woman tried to get the boat back but it’s a state law that can’t be enforced unless the owner is found.

“So I had an idea that the boat that I loved would still be there. That’s where my interest started,” said Walthall. “And I did try my best to get it back, but it wouldn’t come back. So it was time for me to turn to the authorities.”

The day she tried to get the boat back, Walthall says the man she was with, her husband, showed up and the whole thing became a lot more complicated than she expected.

Walthall says at first she was confident the men would return the yacht, but they went with a lawyer and went to trial.

On Thursday, they were convicted and sentenced to 16 years in prison and fined $10,000.

The judge gave them credit for time served, but that’s not enough to break them out of prison. So they’re still locked up.

Walthall wjarvees.comas sentenced on Monday and says she’s just hoping they release her daughter now so she can get a clean bill of health.

They could be released after four more years in prison.

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